This slot, based on the World Darts Championship, is part of Blueprint Gaming’s foray into the realm of professional sports. This time, the stakes are high in the world of professional darts.

This is not a friendly game played in a bar; rather, it is the pinnacle of darts competition, the PDC World Darts Championship. It’s hardly surprising that the sport is more popular in the UK than on the continent, despite the World Cup’s international scope. Dart-operated slot machines, especially those featuring well-known figures, are quite rare. However, World Darts Championship’s features are antiquated and dated. To capitalize on the concept, Blueprint might have come up with something completely new, but instead they just tweaked the classic Fishin’ Frenzy.

You’ll know you’ve chosen the appropriate game if you recognize the 10 dudes lined up on the splash screen. When the grid of 5 reels and 10 paylines displays and Planet Funk’s “Chase the Sun” begins to play, the point is driven home even stronger. It has been described as “the most British thing ever” if you have never heard the song blasted in a Championship Darts stadium. The experience will be fantastic if the sights and noises appeal to you. If not, maybe you should try something else in the sports genre.

The return to player percentage of World Darts Championship is 96.12%, the same as the original Fishin’ Frenzy slot machine, and the betting range is 10 p/c to £/€500 per spin. It’s close, but not an identical replica. Blueprint has modified free spins in a few ways, the most shocking of which will make you do a double take. In most respects, though, you can expect a World Darts Championship experience not dissimilar from Fishin’ Frenzy.

Fans will be pleased with the payout structure once again. The mid pay symbols are represented by ten different professional darts players, and when three or more of them appear, a reward is awarded. Above darts, trophies, flights, and a logo; below, J-A card royal low pays. The logo pays out for a pair, and the top two symbols are worth 100–200 times the wager. Last but not least, a dartboard wild may stand in for any icon other than the scatter and bonus ones.

Slot Functions in the World Darts Championship

The wild symbol in World Darts Championship can initiate free spins, during which players can win money. One, fifteen, or 180 free games are awarded when three, four, or five dartboard scatter symbols appear. To be clear, that’s not a misprint; five scatters trigger an astounding 180 bonus games. If you’re lucky enough to get five scatters, you’re in for a long night of free spins.

Now here’s where things gets interesting. Both the traditional bonus round and the mystery player option are available to players. Cash prizes are shown via symbols during both. Values are gathered and paid if they fall at the same moment as the dartboard wild. The mystery symbol option is different in that only one darts player symbol will show during the bonus round. Hoping it’s the one with the greatest cash reward.

The Slot Decision in the World Championship of Darts

There are several ways in which this represents the ideal branded darts spot. It has the proper soundtrack, crowd sounds, and looks to make you feel like you’re in the middle of a major PDC tournament, and it’s packed with stars to boot. Players can choose to provide costumes and beer, but everything else is provided. Its preexisting fanbase is more likely to disregard criticisms voiced by more objective sports fans. But well, the slot wasn’t made for them anyhow so what the hell. Blueprint has catered to the die-hard fans and provided entertainment for sporadic gamblers with an interest in darts.

To be more critical, Blueprint might have been more daring in its approach to the topic and added some novel features to exploit it. Professional darts is a high-stakes game since even a small mistake may change the outcome. The athletes are serious, dedicated, and fiercely competitive. It’s a shame Blueprint couldn’t have used that fire to its advantage, but the World Darts Championship isn’t the right venue for them.

World Darts Championship, like many other games, makes use of the free spins collection concept introduced in Fishin’ Frenzy, with two key differences. The first is the enormous amount of free games awarded by five scatters; the maximum number of free games you may win with three darts is 180. There are benefits and drawbacks to picking only one mysterious sign. Not very amazing unless you obtain the higher-value guys.

Although Fishin’ Frenzy has done well for the company over the years, especially in the UK market, the game’s dynamic is starting to seem stale at this point. When placed in the context of Tivoli’s distinctive dreamlike setting, the mechanic flourished. The World Darts Championship is both bright and generic in appearance, and unless you follow the sport, you probably won’t recognize many of the competitors.

This reminds us that the World Darts Championship is only for die-hard darts players or Fishin’ Frenzy fans who enjoy the prospect of 180 more spins. It’s easy to imagine dart fans whacking this on during commercial breaks while watching the Championships on TV and having a great time. Players who are unsure of the difference between Annie’s room and Annie’s attic may have trouble, but the appropriate hands will find success with World Darts Championship.






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